Alex Jewell


we both have the same job: your project

You have ideas. You are full of vision. I am an artist fluent in technology, ready to translate your ideas into a powerful and dynamic online presence. It cannot be done alone, but together we can create something spectacular.

The World Wide Web is truly the Wild West of technology. It is the no-man's land of frameworks, platforms, grids, startups, standards, and ultimate frustration. In reality, it is also an oasis rife with potential and primed for change. What are you waiting for?


Alex Jewell

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I am a UX designer, developer, foodie, comedian, social media extraordinare, student, and runner based in Chicago, IL, born and raised in Cleveland, OH.

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What do I do?

All of the acronyms and name-drops mean nothing without a tangible understanding of what my skillset means for your project: I am able to make your front-end look beautiful and back-end run like a well-oiled machine. With my experience in design and development, I can be a crucial part of any step in the process, but I can also consult, plan, and carry out the entire thing from start to finish by myself.

For anything from simple informational websites to complex applications, I can turn your ideas and needs into a final, beautiful product. Let's talk.


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